GT Racing Seat PS3™
Racing Seat

Take pleasure in your regular racing car game endeavors with OpenWheeler. The OpenWheeler racing seat cockpit creates a fantastic driving realism as well as satisfaction thanks to the correct driver seat position, the robust back and shoulder support, and the excellent adjustment of the steering wheel and the pedals.

GT Racing Seat

OpenWheeler offers matchless driving fun and experience. £270 (two hundred and seventy GBP) or $400 USD is the amount for the car racing simulator cockpit.

GT Racing Seat
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Best Racing Game Seat

Is there a minimum or maximum age limit for racers driving OpenWheeler?

Categorically not! Well, little kids will not find it very simple to navigate, but they won't be attracted anyway :) And as long as an individual feels like racing, no age will impede them.

A car game racing cockpit simulator for PlayStation, XBOX, Wii and PC

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